Dota 2 Version 7.35c: Dreamleague 22 More Exciting

Dota 2 Version 7.35c: Dreamleague 22 More Exciting

Hey there, all you players! A new fix for Dota 2 version 7.35c was just released by Valve. After DreamLeague Season 22 came out, this fix came out right after it. This patch is meant to make small changes to the balance of the game right before the big competition. Let’s talk about what has been moved around in more detail this time:

Dota 2 Version 7.35c: Things have changed in the item area.

Valve chose to play around with the prices of some of our most beloved goods, such as

Dota 2 Version 7.35c: An increase in price:

The Disperser now needs 6100 gold, up from 5700 gold. This is an increase of 400 gold. For Mage Slayer, the price has gone up by 200 gold, from 2625 gold to 2825 gold per item. After going up by 400 gold, the price of Parasma has gone up to 5975 gold from 5575 gold. Since 350 gold was added to the price, Shiva’s Guard is now worth 5175 gold instead of 4825 gold.

Dota 2 Version 7.35c: Prices Have Dropped:

The cost of Glepnir has gone down by 200 gold, and it is now worth 5450 gold. Head of the Overlord used to cost 6200 gold, but now it only costs 5725 gold, a 475-gold drop. As of right now, Orchid Malevolence is worth 3275 gold, down 200 gold from when it was worth 3475 gold. This is also true for Bloodthorn.

Dota 2 Version 7.35c: Shiva’s Guard and the Mage Slayer will not work as well after this.

The Mage Slayer has had a setback, which has made it a bit more expensive and less strong. Many small changes were also made to Shiva’s Guard. These changes not’t very big, but they were big enough to be noticed.

In the Hot Seat: Nerfs All Around Heroes. It decide that some well-known heroes should not be as strong in this update.


The Dungeon of Doom stopped. Just a 100% pick rate; let’s see what happens!


Time Dilation given a buff! Players might want to think about how they learn new skills.

The lion:

When Lion’s Mana Drain is use with Aghanim’s Shard, it now does less damage. Could this affect how well-known he is? Time is the only thing that can say.

The meepo:

MegaMeepo took a hit. Meepo often makes it hard to find a balance, which could make it hard for him to play in professional games.

Doctor of Sorcery:

The good news is that the Talisman of Evasion can now better fight the Witch Doctor’s Death Ward. From 15% to 20%, the rate of dodging has gone up.

In DreamLeague Season 22, things will happen that you didn’t expect.

As teams get ready for the 22nd season of the DreamLeague, they might stick to the strategies that have worked in the past. However, these changes could lead to unexpected outcomes. Dota 2 could change in big ways by even small changes. As the professionals get use to the 7.35c patch, let’s keep an eye out for any shocks that might come up. Let’s play NIAGASLOT!